Searching the old way

Traditional search engines present pages of text based results showing just a few at a time. They are slow and difficult to look through. Most of us give up and keep retyping new queries until we find something useful.


Transforming the Search Experience

SeeSearch presents all of your results in a single interactive visual display. It enables you to see, understand and access all your results in one go, so you find everything you need in one query.

It is customised to your content, subject areas and discipline so there’s no irrelevant noise. It dramatically reduces search time and increases usage and access to relevant content.

Design-led Technology

Through the use of cutting-edge technologies in search, data visualisation and responsive web, SeeSearch is designed for the end user. SeeSearch is a cloud-based solution that can search across every source of content using a combination of methods (index, federated and API). Content sources can include LMS, CMS, VLEs, multi-media repositories and eContent publishing sources.


SeeSearch is deployed in both Higher Education and Public Library collections that encompass millions of items, such as books, ebooks, audio books, dvds, academic journals and research databases, magazines and news articles, document and image repositories, and curated web content.

Click here to view SeeSearch installed at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT).

Click here to view SeeSearch installed at South Dublin Libraries.


SeeSearch has applications across a wide

range of market sectors.

Knowledge Management & Enterprise Search

Provide instant visibility and access to your organisation’s vast and complex information resources. Re-use, rediscover and share new and existing knowledge.

Education, Research & Libraries

Search millions of different content resources in a single location tailored to the users discipline and subject interests.

Online Retail

Show 100’s more items in a single screen on any device and market your content directly to the user based on their personal interests and profile.


SeeSearch extracts maximum value from content by helping content providers and knowledge dependent organisations save money on low usage content and spend strategically where there is demand.

SeeSearch delivers the following benefits:

Increased usage and ROI on content

Analytics and insight on content usage and customer search behaviour and patterns

Automatic direct marketing of content relevant to customer’s profile


Hilary Kenna

CEO Founder

Hilary CEO/ Founder of SeeSearch, is an internationally award-winning and published designer with 15+ years experience and specialist expertise in interaction design and data visualization.

David Garvan

CTO Co-founder

David CTO/co-founder of SeeSearch, is a technologist and entrepreneur with 15 years experience in senior technical roles in small, medium, and large companies across business, finance and telecommunications sectors.

Commercial Advisors

Vincent Ryan, Director & EVP of Sales & Marketing, Amdocs

Paul McKeon, Partner, Hogan & Associates


If you would like to know more about SeeSearch please contact us at or use the contact form below.


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